A global fight against bullshit in business

After becoming fed up of with self-proclaimed experts (or worse guru’s), shouty arrogant bosses, male-only boardrooms, pissing contests, copy and paste corporate values, pay for your own award do’s and job title snobbery I decided to create No Wanky Bollocks. Business and careers are hard and we all fuck up from time to time. No Wanky Bollocks provides a place for like-minded business professionals to truthfully share their experiences in business, to help others. To date, there have been 70 contributors talking about a range of topics such as being sacked, loneliness, mental health, confidence and not having any idea what they want to do for a living.

What is Wanky Bollocks?

  • Belittling others, power trips, abuse of your position, machoism, arrogance, passing blame, taking credit for others, inability to see your own faults or shortcomings, oneupmanship, inequality, and discrimination.
  • Promoting “fluffy stuff” with no substance research or facts, Gurus and self-proclaimed experts, lying or fabricating the truth, exaggeration and the excessive use of untrue or meaningless adjectives (literally the top 10 best cutting edge inspirational posts of all time), fake self-deprecation, humblebrags.

About Katie Kelly

The offensively named No Wanky Bollocks (NWB) was created by straight-talking Katie Kelly, a Norfolk-born escapee, adopted by Manchester who’s now starting all over again in Singapore.  After working her way up from marketing exec to running a 15 person digital agency, Katie quit her job as Operations Director in 2016.  She now consults for businesses who need someone to get shit done.

Want to get in touch?

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