No Wanky Bollocks provides straight up business advice

It’s a place for like-minded business professionals to truthfully share their experiences in business, to help others.

About Katie Kelly

The offensively named No Wanky Bollocks (NWB) was created by potty-mouthed Katie Kelly a Norfolk-born escapee, adopted by Manchester.  After working her way up from a marketing exec to running a 15 person digital agency in 2016 Katie quit her job as Operations Director.  Now she consults for businesses who need someone to get shit done marketing wise as well as helping to grow new businesses. But that’s not all. She packed her bags to leave the UK and travel while doing so. Because starting your own consultancy business with a mortgage and no savings was too much like a walk in the park…

Why NWB?

Surely she isn’t going to win any clients with this attitude?

Well maybe not. But there is only so much self-serving, shitty advice for one person to take and the internet is littered with it. There’s got to be others out there who want to cut the crap and be honest, open and leave the arrogant BS at home. Welcome home.

Johnny Cash sums it up nicely.

Still want to get in touch?

Visit www.subjectconsulting.com or email me – Katie@subjectconsulting.com