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LinkedIn becoming worthless?

Is LinkedIn Becoming Worthless?

Yesterday I got a new connection on LinkedIn from a guy called Justin, who I’d never met before. He sent the standard “I’d¬†like to add you to my network” message. OK a little lazy but fine by me. I always follow up, as there must

Discussion: Are Industry Awards Complete BS?

When a sponsor of an award ceremony, also win an award at the event, it gets you thinking… how impartial are awards? I’ve received a number of emails saying the company I worked for had won an award, where we hadn’t entered. All we had

Discussion: Do you need to be confident to be successful?

Thinking about the successful business people I know, and there’s a common theme in that they have a lot of confidence and are usually quite self-assured or at least that’s how they come across. Showing no weaknesses (or only those carefully¬†selected). Do you need to