Looking down on job hoppers

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Simon Akers is a media strategist and founder of Archmon, an alternative to the media agency specialising in BS-free media planning. Simon uses his 15 years of experience in various roles to bring reality and, hopefully, humour to the day-to-day grind of growth.

Biggest fuck up?

Jumping around from job to job as a young man. Nothing quite fit what I was looking for. I was invariably made to feel shit by interviewers, recruiters and the like because of this.

However, in reality, it was because I was not pursuing my passion. At the time, it felt like a mistake, but was it really a mistake? By whose standards?

I was made to feel it was a mistake because of societal standards. I look back now and genuinely think it has shaped my experiences for the better and, ultimately, my worldview and what kind of business/colleague/client/partner I want to be.


Most business-speak, to be honest. Three grind my gears in particular;

  1. The phrases ‘feedback loop’ and ‘circling back’. Its very nature is non-progressive. Don’t they just mean talking or communicating? Usually, in my experience, it is a veiled term and vindicates someone being a bit of an arsehole.
  2. ‘Reach out’ unless you’re the 4 Tops, you cannot possibly be doing it. 
  3. Finally, people who redefine and reimagine. Again, unless you are the Oxford Dictionary or Steven Spielberg, calm down when talking about your new font design.

Useful Advice

For me, it is about not being too hard on yourself. Don’t cram your to-do list! Half of it is lower-priority crap, anyway. Do fewer things well rather than loads of tasks half-arsed.

This stems from something bigger. NEVER compare yourself to your hypothetical self. For example, you balls-up on a presentation, speech or email. Don’t get too annoyed with yourself because the other person/recipients had no idea what you were going to say. You are only annoyed with yourself because it hasn’t gone to plan in your head.

Respectfully, nobody cares about your plans except you. So use that to your advantage.


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