Beware of the alpha male

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Christine Frey is the founder of, and Optimisation Manager at ProfitScraper, with a passion for CRO data visualisation. Having previously held the position of Optimisation Manager at Iceland Foods, she now writes and holds webinars for the Digital Analytics Association.

Biggest fuck up?

In summer of 2016, we were all looking forward to a shiny new analytics tool, not just my own team but teams across the business. Expectations were sky-high, and phrases like “wait until we have our new tool” and “we can provide all the data you need’ were part of the daily responses to analytics & A/B testing inquiries.

And then it was released, the tool of our dreams, which quickly turned into a nightmare. The mountain of testing that was needed to validate data for the 100 or so metrics that were to be tracked stretched our project delivery time far beyond the original launch date.

The only way to fix it was to initially reject all the new analytics requests that came flooding in from all sites, followed by a strict prioritisation of the main metrics, before going into further detail. Post-testing, we arranged in-house training sessions to try and minimise misinterpretation of new metric data that was suddenly available to multiple departments and people of all levels.

Lightbulb moment

In A/B testing, give up trying to please everyone. You will NEVER manage to achieve it.

I am sure you have been to many meetings where opinions fly around like a table tennis ball. Well, it is your job to remove the tennis ball and move opinions into scientific testing, which confirms some of the opinions while others are smashed. Even if none of the opinions hold true, you will still find participants competing to win the match. Beware of the alpha male.

You win the game if you keep a cool head, remain calm and let the data take the trophy.

Useful Advice

Stop the mail-malady!

We can all be guilty of a common phenomenon which I call mail-malady. Don’t let your digital letterbox take over your workday.

When I come to the office in the morning, the first thing I do is set a clear goal for the workday ahead. Yes, just the one big goal which you know you will feel awesome once you have achieved it. Once completed, I am ready to open my emails and start my manic mail marathon – answering emails, scheduling meetings, resolving problems etc.

Sounds easy? Let’s see how you get on 😉


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