Interview with the CEO of Dreamr

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Katie Kelly is a B2B Marketing Consultant with 15 years experience and founder of No Wanky Bollocks.

NOTE: Since this interview was published Mylo Kaye has been disqualifed as a director – you can read more here.

Mylo Kaye is CEO at award-winning app development agency, Dreamr. Having spent the past decade in digital he is passionate about technology that changes the lives of people and businesses.

Currently, an ambassador for homeless outreach charity, Change4Good and mentor for NatWest’s Entrepreneurial spark programme, Mylo is passionate about social issues and works with multiple charities to improve the homeless challenges affecting Greater Manchester.

Biggest Mistake you made in the last year & how you fixed it?

Thinking I can do everything on my own. I reached a point when I dropped my ego into the trash and thought, let’s get professionals to help.

For a small business, this can be anything from marketing, paying a good company to do a proper job of marketing your business and for Dreamr, this was hiring professional business development executive.
The difference with hiring a pro instead of doing it yourself means you get a huge wealth of knowledge and experience that you don’t and probably will never have.

A lightbulb moment

My lightbulb moment happened recently when doing an interview; it suddenly dawned on me why I do what I do. For years, I have asked myself ‘why do I do this?’ and for any founder or business owner, it’s easy to be consumed with being on the hamster wheel.

I realised my passion for tech is ingrained into everything I do, and when you add tech to solving real life problems I could see my ‘why’. I’m passionate about using tech to solve problems for people/businesses. This is something ingrained into Dreamr and is the reason we all here get out of bed in the morning.

Tip for tomorrow

It’s easy to look around you and see ‘lucky’ people. Those who get to go on nice business trips around the world, or those business owners who win awards, or get that funding you’ve been after.

What I see in these lucky people is not luck, I see someone who has taken every opportunity life has thrown at them. A lucky person doesn’t just wake up and become lucky, they surround themselves with as many opportunities as possible, the simple the law of averages means that the more you do something the greater chance of something good happening. So go out there and says yes to everyone, take every opportunity you get and who knows what’s around the corner!


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